Environment Testing

Envirocare Labs provides a complete range of services for organic and inorganic analysis, using classical wet chemistry as well as modern instrumental analytical techniques, enabling us to meet the environmental analytical needs of customers. Effluent / Waste Water: Analysis of samples from various locations like Inlet, Outlet, Aeration Tank, Clarifier etc. from waste water treatment […]

Soil Testing

Soil is a fundamental and ultimate finite resource that fulfills a number of functions and services like Agriculture, Industrial Construction, Ecological Habitat Development, etc. Some of the most significant impacts on this resource occur as a result of activities associated with unlimited use of chemical fertilizers, non-scientific construction activity; unplanned city design, unscientific land use […]

Water Testing

Water Testing is an evaluation of the Quality of the Ground Water Resources and can determine the negative components of the Ground Water. Ground Water is the major source of Drinking water and by protecting the Ground Water can help in avoiding the adverse effects of environmental pollution on the Ground Water Resources. Ground Water […]