For the manufacturers who want to export their GMO food items to countries like Japan, Australia, the European Union, South Korea, and New Zealand, it is crucial to obtain GMO test report for their products. These nations have allowed only certain bioengineered crops to be imported into their regions. The report helps the manufacturer in showing that their products are cultivated according to the country’s individual regulations. Some other benefits of GMO testing results associated with export are:

  • Meeting regulations
  • Delivering product to customer contract specifications involving threshold tolerances and unapproved varieties
  • Optimising sampling and testing programs to achieve efficiency in cost and operations
  • Resolving conflicts rapidly and cost-effectively
  • Offering choice to the consumer for informed decision-making
  • Providing competitive advantage to manufacturers & traders
  • Expanding markets both domestic and international
  • Obtaining greater price realization
  • Establishing brand equity and further positioning Detection of Genetically modified foods

For this reason, every exporter should opt for a GMO test for their products. We can also say that GMO testing helps with the proper labelling of the relevant stocks.

Why Choose Us for GMO Testing Services?

We are one of the top GMO testing labs in India. We are accredited by NABL ISO/IEC 17025 approved by for GMO testing in a number of Agricultural Products and Commodities. We have successfully participated in the International Proficiency program for the detection of GMOs. Therefore, we can offer the most appropriate GMO test solution after appropriately analyzing your individual demands. You can entirely rely on us with your GMO analysis requirements for relevant products.

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